Terms and Conditions

Rejection of Vendor Systems, Purchase Orders, Additional Terms: Jobelephant allows for the inclusion on its invoice of a purchase or insertion order (“PO/IO”) number as an invoicing convenience for its customers.Jobelephant does not accept, review, or retain any PO/IO forwarded by any customer except to confirm the PO/IO number (for the customer’s tracking purposes).Jobelephant considers any PO/IO the Employer’s internal tracking document and not a contract to do business.Jobelephant does not and will not participate in any vendor procurement system offered by any private or public entity. Any PO/IO or other documents which add, edit, or delete any term related to the purchase of any product or service of Jobelephant are specifically rejected unless the document has an original signature of an officer of Jobelephant, publisher of Jobelephant, which specifically acknowledges agreement to the terms.*Payment option: For your convenience, the invoiced amount already includes a 4% cash discount (assuming you will pay by check, bank wire transfer or ACH payment). If you wish to pay by credit card, the 4% discount is unapplied and added to the invoice total. Jobelephant does not charge any excess fees or mark up any ad price as a value benefit for our clients. The 4% credit card charge simply covers the bank charge for processing. Up any ad price as a value benefit for our clients. We do not hide or mask this within other unnecessary fees.