California Institute of Technology: Working with JobElephant



What we do
California Institute of Technology of the President is partnering with JobElephant to simplify and expedite your recruitment advertising by placing your ads with speed, exceptional customer service and maximum return on investment. Our superior technology allows us to automate a large portion of our ad placement as well as track every ad we place, critically informing us which media outlets offer the best return on the California Institute of Technology’s investment. JobElephant advertises with 20,000+ media sources. Online and in print. Anywhere you want to place an ad.


Feeds, Sweeps, Scrapes – whatever you want to call it, JobElephant currently has automation in place to pull in all newly posted jobs from your ATS (run twice daily). We will post these to your current unlimited posting subscriptions below;


How it works
Placing ads in publications is easy with these simple steps:

  1. California Institute of Technology is on an automated JobWrap/Feed, meaning we index all of your positions on a daily basis to your contracted sites (listed below).
  2. In order to request additional publications for your campaign, please email your Account Manager, Michael Ang; . He will then provide a quote for approval in order to move forward.
  3. If you are unsure where to advertise or unaware of newer, high-delivery media outlets in the field, then just let us know. Drawing on our 20+ years of experience in higher education recruiting and thousands of successful searches in every academic field, we can make informed recommendations based on advanced tracking analytics from
  4. Your account manager will send the listed contact(s) an email with an ad proof, along with our quote sheet, which will include pricing, run times and any additional information related to the order. They will also receive recommendations listed in order of value (ROI) based on data.
  5. Upon your emailed approval, you must provide a PO number. We will then submit all the ads to the publication vendors within a few hours for processing.
  6. We will send an invoice to the person whose contact information has been provided as the contact for payment matters. As well as your AP department. All invoices must have a PO number.
  7. Every contact will automatically receive a login and password to access our cPortal where they can retrieve tear sheets (for proof of publication).


Current Contracts


Account Manager
The account manager for California Institute of Technology is ;
We are based in San Diego, CA. With office hours of M-F 8:30am -5:30pm PST


JobElephant’s customer portal ( allows clients to directly access tearsheets (copies of placed ads), invoices and billing history, as well as submit jobs for quote requests, approve paid advertising and pay for ads once an invoice is received. All stages of the recruitment advertising process can be implemented, monitored, and confirmed through the customer portal. Our cPortal completes the circle of customer service at JobElephant, allowing clients the ability to access their orders 24/7.


Online and Print samples
Take advantage of the expert JobElephant design team to make your recruitment ads look great.  All design services from JobElephant are free of charge. Below are just a few of the ads we’ve designed for California Institute of Technology.

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