Department of Labor Requirements


Job boards that are part of The Key Job Board Connection, managed by JobElephant can be used to satisfy the requirements of the Department of Labor under 20 CFR § 656.18(b)(3)20.  We offer screen shots or proof of publication for all advertising performed through JobElephant and the Key Job Board Connection including when the ad started & stopped, when it was saved and the source URL.  (See sample header below)


Proof Of Publication


From the Department of Labor website regarding the use of electronic or web-based professional journals to satisfy requirements of 20 CFR § 656.18(b)(3): 

“Yes, an employer may use an electronic or web-based national professional journal to satisfy the regulatory provision at 20 CFR § 656.18(b)(3), which requires use of a national professional journal for advertisements for college or university teachers. The advertisement for the job opportunity for which certification is sought must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the journal’s website. Documentation of the placement of an advertisement in an electronic or web-based national professional journal must include evidence of the start and end dates of the advertisement placement and the text of the advertisement. Revised September 28, 2011”

Additional information about the law and Department of Labor requirements related to CFR § 656.18(b)(3)20 can be found on the U.S. Government Printing Office website