You can place our ads anywhere?

Absolutely! We are a full service ad agency with long standing relationships with thousands of publications. Whether it’s the New York Times or the most obscure niche journal, we can place (and track) the ad for you.

Zero additional fees?

That’s correct! JobElephant is a high volume ad agency and made the decision many years ago to grow our business through the standard agency commission from the publications, not our clients. Going through us is the same price as going direct. Why wouldn’t you?

Do you have minimums?

No. Many clients start out by sending us a few jobs to understand our process first hand. Once they see how easy we’ve made this part of their job, we end up managing all of their recruitment advertising.

Do you require contracts?

Most clients don’t want a contract and this works very much to your benefit. We work extremely hard with the understanding that clients can walk away at any time. Every order is of equal importance. We are happy to enter into a contract agreement upon clients request.

What is the standard turnaround time?

In most circumstances, same business day. Once we receive an ad for a quote, we will typically send the client a price quote and proof within a few hours. Once we receive client approval, the ad is placed in the queue to post. Our automation feed will batch it to the publications within minutes.

Can you invoice different departments?

Yes. Our invoicing is all electronic via email so we can separate costs for one company or institution by department. We can even break up the invoicing from one campaign to split between departments.


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