Born in the information age, JobElephant understands internet recruitment advertising. Almost all of our clients use a mixture of print and online advertising because we live in a world where both are typically necessary, depending on the position being advertised. The best combination is determined by the nature of the vacant position. Some technical or scientific positions might be best suited for niche publications or international niche sites dedicated to their specific industry. Other, less specialized positions may receive a better response rate from local newspaper advertising. We will consult with you based on budget, analytics and branding to develop the most effective campaign for each open position.

We can place your ads anywhere!

Recruiters know that the combined use of print and online advertising is a necessity for successful hires. We monitor thousands of newspapers, trade journals and websites worldwide to provide recruitment solutions that address your unique requirements. You are informed and maintain control of all your advertising from start to finish. Depending on the scope of the order, most quotes are sent within a couple hours. We can place any ad for any company… anywhere!

How it works:

  • Send your recruitment advertising requests to for quotes via email (including job announcement, job descriptions, along with instructions such as whether or not Jobelephant should edit, etc.).
  • Jobelephant will email back quotes for every ad request along with any suggestions/recommendations.
  • You email back your authorization. Or if you have changes, we resend quotes until they’re absolutely perfect.
  • Jobelephant places your ads per your approved schedule with all media (newspapers, trade journals, online job boards).
  • After confirming the precise cost of each ad, Jobelephant emails you (and can cc: anyone else you prefer) an invoice for that week’s advertising.
  • You can then log in to Jobelephant’s electronic tearsheets website to view/print proof of publication for each ad.

Areas of Expertise:

Higher Education

While JobElephant can work with any company in any industry, we have built a strong specialization in the space of higher education. Over 700 colleges and universities rely on JobElephant for recruitment advertising for both faculty and staff. In this highly competitive space, it has become more and more important for hiring managers to know that their recruitment dollars are being spent in the best way possible. Our analytics combined with extensive experience will help you navigate the maze of thousands and thousands of publications. Physics Professor? We have data for that. Director of Nursing? We have data for that. For whatever open position you have anywhere within the school, we have placed thousands of similar ads and have years of analytics available to inform your campaign strategy.

Community Colleges

Many 2 year schools face a daunting task year after year to attract qualified talent. Jobelephant has solutions specifically catering to community colleges and technical colleges. There are targeted recruitment solutions available that can help not only simplify the process but maximize the budgets unique to community colleges.


Jobelephant has placed tens of thousands of recruitment ads in numerous publications that target diversity outreach. There are many factors to consider here beyond simply picking a publication with Diversity in the name. If diversity outreach is important to your recruitment, allow Jobelephant the opportunity to show you a comprehensive demo showing the many ways this can be accomplished. We can build a custom, targeted campaign for individual job postings or full institutional branding. Contact us today to learn more about diversity advertising.


Executive Recruitment

Search Firms around the world have the difficult task of recruiting executive level talent to a specific company or institution. This cycle can easily last a year or more when seeking a President, Vice President, Chancellor or Dean. JobElephant does not screen the applicants or collect resumes for any posting but we can play an invaluable role in developing the ad campaign strategy for the position. Executive positions generally require a larger budget for greater reach but the focus can shift towards niche publications or quality display print ads. Our tracking data becomes a tool many firms rely on to place the ads in the correct publications as well as evaluate performance and adjust accordingly. We can track the campaigns weekly to see how they are performing. This same service applies if you are recruiting an executive without using a search firm.