Recruitment doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, JobElephant makes it easy. With two decades of experience in recruitment advertising, we’ve mastered the art of targeted job ad placement and post hundreds of advertisements per hour — all the while deploying analytical tools to ensure maximum efficacy of every ad we run.

From small nonprofits to Fortune 500 conglomerates, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes and for all scopes of work. As we’ve honed in on our core competencies and further solidified our place as a leader within the recruitment advertising space, we’ve become a leader within the academic world, working with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country in order to help them attract top talent — all while saving money.

Two decades of greatness.

It all started in 2000. The landscape of the recruiting industry was shifting, and as an astute businessman, Michael Ang realized that online job boards were launching and that relying on newspaper ads alone would leave out thousands of potential applicants. Michael decided to start JobElephant and revolutionize the ways in which companies advertise job opportunities.

Michael started his career as a graphic designer at a recruitment advertising agency. As his career advanced beyond designing newspaper advertisements, the technological world advanced as well. Gone were the days of companies spending tens of thousands of dollars on newspaper ads. In the blink of an eye, it became easy for companies to post their jobs on online boards that were either free or extremely inexpensive.

While the industry struggled to adapt — with some companies turning away clients and telling them that free or cheap job board postings weren’t worth their time — Michael surged ahead. It was time to address the elephant in the room: employers’ wants and needs were being disregarded, and recruitment ad agencies were putting profits ahead of relationships.

That wasn’t the case here, however. JobElephant became the place for employers to advertise their jobs while receiving personalized, professional, and precise service — regardless of how much the client was spending.

And 20 years later, that’s still the same treatment you’ll get when working with JobElephant.

JobElephant remains the recruitment advertising agency that organizations can rest assured will serve as a one-stop-shop. In the decades since starting JobElephant from his living room, the team has expanded significantly. A notable addition occurred in 2015, when Andy Boom joined JobElephant, utilizing his tour de force sales skills to take the company to new heights. And despite the JobElephant team ballooning and clientele expanding, when you work with Michael and Andy, you work with Michael and Andy. There is no bait-and-switch or deception; just a genuine partnership with ad experts who want to see you fill your open positions with diverse and highly qualified candidates.

Any agency can place an ad.
Only JobElephant has the data to tell you where to place them.

JobElephant hasn’t just been operating for two decades; we have been collecting and analyzing data for that long as well. Over the years, we have developed technologies like — which tracks views and clicks to improve monitoring and metrics — and Horton, our recommendation algorithm that helps employers decide ad channels based on historical data compiled from hundreds of thousands of ads.

These days, JobElephant remains a leading recruitment advertising agency and a recognized expert in the space. The technology has evolved since this idea came to life in 2000, but one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to speed, cost-efficiency, and exemplary customer service.

Consultative service. Customized solutions. Consistent satisfaction.

In other words: Recruitment Advertising. Solved!

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